Wednesday, February 28, 2007

one month from now, i'll be tending my booth at the degree show, and all my late night misery and brainblocks will be but a mile away. ive always hated leaving school. if i had a choice, i'd study till i die. but too bad education doesnt come free. i should go live in germany or something.

so let's see. if i plan my life well, i'll work for the next year or two, save some cash, and hopefully do my masters in london. if god (and my dad) permits, maybe i'll find a job there before that.

if all that fails, i'll just get married and have kids :\

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atak, atak!


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Monday, February 26, 2007

this really feels like shit. i have zero drive and energy to do work.

zero. kosong. zilch.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

you know what would feel reaaly good to my tummy now. korean, kimchi flavoured, msg infested, steaming hot cup noodles.

oh and meet the new kid on the block.

on the block around the corner of mustafa's cheap watch selection that is.

(sing with me) dont be fooled by the rocks that ive got, im still, im still.... perkie from the block!

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ok this cant go on.

i have to stop the lazy bullshit. oh, and the partying.

ive been enjoying myself way, waaay too much the past month for someone whos in the midst of her final project in the LAST FEW WEEKS OF SCHOOL. and its really time to put a stop to it, at least till i graduate. i made a pact with myself when i came back from uk to NOT partahye till april, but of course that didn't work. gave in to temptations one time too many, and from there it went downhill all the way. so last night was a great ending to my late nights. zouk was moderatley filled, not too empty, and not too crowded with ample dancing space. phuture was bollocks with no space to even wiggle. i realised i dont often club with sleng, in fact im actually certain yesterday was the first. ok lah. give chance to her. she leaving mah. so go club ah. alvin's on a roll for late nights these days so he was there together with us. bumped in to charm and friend, who ended up being great company too. and of course, not forgetting, my lovely best friend, who was i dunno where half the time. supper at bedok macs (dont ask why) with alvin and sleng, all still mildy intoxicated.

this was all i managed to get from last night.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

well no comments on today's crit. just more work to be done. that aside, managed to take 2 hours away from work to watch Le Grande Voyage. ok, not managed, i deliberately gave myself the time :) and it was a fantastic show which left me stifled in a journey of great moral significance, and the importance of one's faith and beliefs in religion. for muslims a must-watch as it puts across the purity and dedication of ones heart, and the respect and meaning of one's pilgrimage in Islam.

im not too sure if a non-muslim would be affected the same way, but its a great show nonetheless.

stills from the show below.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

i need a break from colouring.

let's post pictures!

just started on this one tonight.

almost there for this one.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

for the past 4 days, my routine was to wake up way after 12, laze ard for abit, maybe get some stuff done on the net, laze around some more, and laze around some more. so yep. there was a little trouble waking up at eleven for lunch at ms tan's. oh cum chinese new year visitng lah.

was welomed with open arms by ms tan's daughter, fei yan, who had her little manicure booth for the 'jie jies' that were coming.

meet the love of my life, ben. ben, meet my muscle man in uniform.

sayang <3 manyak manyak.

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i dreamt of living in france last night, maybe this is why.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

i am feeling,

irritated. very.

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it's a yearly routine for my family. chinese new year, bring tent, go east coast (along with the hundreds of other makciks around), play with water, makan. i stayed long enough to oogle over redha for a bit before leaving for cheryl's.

click on the image for a clearer picture. you have to see redha's expressions.

and here's how its happened :)

can't get enough lah.

and later on, over at cheryl's, where me and dee got a little too comfortable.

ok so, dee's phone has this feature where you can key in your name, and then you'll be given a choice to translate your name into a diff language, in which the obvious one of my choice would be, korean.

so world, i humbly present you my alias, Ahn Hyo-Jin :)

i kid you not. ive got a dash(-) in my name! ive always envied people with dashes(-).

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

last one for the night.

this photo does no justice to what satay tastes like.

its almost 3 and im starving. i had some garlic bread for brunch and that was that. oh and some fries, and like a bite of fish for dinner. and now im starving. with nothing but egg, and leftover satay to eat. and for those who dont already know, i dont eat eggs. i mean i can eat them, but i'd rather not. cos they make me barf. so im left with leftover satay. oh and i dont like eating my food cold (i mean who does!), and there was no other way to heat up them sticks, so i had to snip off the ends of the satay sticks and fry them in a pan.

ok you know what. this is a really random entry proving how bleah my life can be. its not specifically THIS entry, but lets put it this way. i got back at half 12, its 3 am now, and this is my third entry for the night. fourth for the whole day.

how bleah is that.

ok im doing nat a favour.

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i like this.

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currently my favourite muscle man :)

finally met babe after 3 bloody long weeks, and ok. malay say, lepaskan rindu. not in any emotional way, mind you. what we have is, (how do i put this) its surface (surface?). i'll miss him, but when i do meet him, there's nothing else to do, but argue. which actually 'lepaseskan the rindu' lah. cos you know la (rolls eyes), i really miss being screamed at in the face wat(rolls eyes again). well surprisingly, we were a bit more civilised than usual.

ok whatevs.

so we practically got the whole of orchard road to ourselves, apart from the few matreps and minahreps around snapping photos with a wall in the background like its the coolest thing to do, and the few chinky chonks who've decided to have their reunion dinner at spinelli's. orchard road should stay that way. ive got more room to breathe without the pug jellys and the kikilalas. and lets exclude the matreps and k boyz too while were at it.

ok lah. bye. happy new year chinky chonks :)

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

dinner was McD's delivery in the studio with nat and ae-sha, lau pa sat after with belle, nad and ivan, indochine@club st with the same, and then to zouk with everyone else :)

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i gave in :)

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Friday, February 16, 2007

tell me a secret, and i'll tell you mine.

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only in Japan people, only in Japan ;)

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today's progress. 5 hours of colouring, and i got this much. its getting there.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

i drew a little tonight, pg one i think,

and my desktop cos im bored and i wanna post pictures.

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happy valentines.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

good fellows! let's walk down memory lane in a bit!

turtle power!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

finally finally finally, i got to try some donuts from donut factory today. si hui and ian did the pleasure of queueing up for almost 3 hours, for our 24 donuts. i heard they were pretty damned good, even though i know that you cant get donuts as good as good ol' krispy kreme, but i just had to give them a shot lah. cos well, there has to be someting to satisfy my krispy kreme cravings in spore right?

and i was right. nothing beats good ol' krispy kreme. maybe im being biased. i dont know, it could be because i didnt get to try the original glazed ones or maybe i just picked the wrong flavours, but i got to try at least 3 diff flavours, and none of them were as good as krispy kreme's. and im totally against local flavours in ang moh food. no kaya, no durian ok. not in ang moh food. u want fusion, go fuse somewhere else. in fact, i think i even prefer dunkin donuts to this. at least theyve got yummy custard filled bavarian. baaah.

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i decided to screw whatever plans that came tonight, and took a nice, long, bus ride home. apart from the nauseating un-ker who sat in front of me during the first 5 (maybe 10) mins of my ride, i ejoyed the whole 'luring myself into isolation' part of the trip, despite being butsmacked on the hard (it was a new bus) seats of the double decked, for an hour and a half. ive been neglecting my v3i playlist for a few months now, but somehow the whole 'isolation' theme for the ride was pretty enticing and it just kinda hit me that i had the perfect playlist for the ride in my phone.

so, zap zap. out came my phone.

ok, no, its no drama story lah. i just took out my phone and listened to what was inside lor.

that was what brought me back to a trip i took 2 years ago (again). i tell you, its the whole lonesome bus ride + james blunt + a bit of reader's digest + the fact that my babe's not around, that made me feel all melancholic abt the trip again. its pretty vague isn't it? what im saying. i dont think many of you would understand anyway. just had to get that off my chest. im a korean drama myself.

i read this somewhere today; 'there is no time when i feel more alive then when my heart is breaking'.

and i remembered saying something like this to alvin and lala (i think) earlier this year. i guess im not the only one who thinks youre most alive when youre at your lowest.

i felt most alive 2 years ago :/

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

to vector, or not to vector?

that is the question.

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our off day last week :)

picnic lunch at wilkie park (which is on mount emily, which means we walked and climbed a fair bit just to get there) with those that cant afford school fees (including tiffy), and after god knows how many bloody rounds of polar bear, its playground time.

us reminiscing our kampong days, fei and his boogie board.

and after, it was 2 hours of mind's@prinsep. no pictures yet.

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i left my nail polish remover in school and now my overdued painted nails are atrocious and i cant wait to take them off.

let's try to get work done today shall we.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

i am currently very sore about being home on a saturday night and nobody's making me feel any better. maybe because karma has worked its way after i jeered at the losers who stayed home on friday night. so heads up friday night losers, im officially a saturday night loser. which i think is far worse that being a friday night loser.

worst part is i cant sleep through it cos i slept through most of my evening and the earlier part of the night, so im as fresh as jucie in a carton. i.e., believed to be fresh, but all wilted and machine processed in the inside. which in this case comes from all the drooling in front of the computer.

ok so.

so what can i say, irregardless of whether or not im of any existance in the lives of my already limited number of friends, it wouldve been nice if one of them could well either, ditch her only brother's wedding, or ditch her only brother's wedding. practically speaking, it actually quite possible to do so, just that it wouldnt be ethically correct, but who's talking about being ethically correct anymore. its two double oh seven. the year of the unethically correct. so screw ethics and lets all hail ang kongs and budak taiks for a change why not?

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hello fellows, here's some from the wedding last weekend. ripped them off sofi's blog cos she has yet to pass me the whole bunch.

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oh by the way, i guess i'll just be waiting, and waiting.

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if everyday could be like today (or rather yesterday since its past 12), i'd be a very happy rabbit. productive in work during the day, while still having time for dinner, and even drinks after. it takes off all the shit guilt that i usually get when i stay out late or decide to not rush home for work. ok, but enough fun for the week. enough money spent. enough time wasted.

sidra's funny. like geeky funny. and i have come to a conclusion that juilet is a definite sick in the head mother of one as of today. ok, that may be a tad too harsh, but who gives. im not gonna post pictures from dinner and the drinks after cos i was too lazy for pictures, but let's just say i had an enjoyable time. not that anyone will give a shit, but you know that feeling after a good night out (ok not a fuckintasticly FUN FUN night, but it was a good night), especially after knowing you've managed to pretty much get work done before, so it feels like one of those days that you should reward yourself, with a simple good night out, with good company, and people who enjoy your jokes :) :)

which i managed to do.

so boo to you people who's had a bad friday night.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

perks was useles in taking pictures. only one worth posting and its not even clear. grah. lousy lah.

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another one gone, from my already deteriorating social circle. one less person to meet up for dinner and laughs. im aniticipating another saga just like when nad left for brisbane (since the scenario is relatively similar), so get ready <3, there'll be more to miss. but i guess one year (less actually), passes by without notice, but hey, it was the sending off which always gets you in the gut. oh oh, and those words from your card babe, so sad lah! its back to drawing days, deadlines, and late night dates with the computer for you, so enjoy it while youve got the chance.

i miss you already sel :(

and then after,

went back all the way to chijmes to meet nat+gang (by 'gang' i mean perks, wawa, etc) for dinner at esmirada. finally got a chance to eat their warm spinach salad, which i personally thought was pretty good. no pictures on that yet though cos my cameraphone, which i am highly dependable on, died on me, so gotta wait till i get them from perks to see what bread and nuts did to us.

ok. go.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

dinner at dee's mum's for perks' post bday celebration. we were all sane and dandy to start,

and then, when perks and dee got themselves busy with other uncool stuff, me and sleng went on a little wild trip to korea :) and we might have taken it a step, or two, too far.

and i mean, really.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

i guess it really is true then. rainy season is over, and its back to tshirts and singlets. bye bye sweaters. bye bye jackets. bye bye pullovers.

i know its over when my bones dont get the chills at night, and when i dont have to think twice about not bringing an umbrella to school, and when i dont sleep as soundly, and when it just doesnt feel very right. not that theres anything wrong with a bright sunny day, just that, when you know its gone, you start missing it and wished you erm, treated it better when it was aorund.

rain . . .
. . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . .
. .

a little too distracted for work tonight, as you can see. mentally exhausted and drained from all the drama thats going on, from the people around me, to the stupid school, to the stupid school, to the stupid school. you might see from my pictures
(which are a bit misleading because they seem to say that well, 'i have a damned life' when in actual fact all that really matters to me now is school), that im looking more and more like shit because, well, i really am looking more and more like shit. cos thats how im feeling too. like shit. so excuse my language (and manners) if it dosn't sound right, cos i speak french and this is not my country.

fuck la.

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if i burn my school down, will they sue me? or throw me in jail? or hunt me down for life? or get a spy and shoot me while im not looking? i wanna burn my school down. theyre taking too much money from me.

any takers?

i am nadi; :] at 1:06 AM


ok shoe people, if you havent already heard of Pierre Hardy, well, now you should!

go go go!

check out the men's collection especially if youre a man. women's collection are just as chic, but just a tad to vavavoom for me. but realllly chic sneakers. never thought sneakers could be chic huh, well hear 'ye hear 'ye, now they can! if you can afford them that is. but his bags remind me too much of fendi though.

so if youre a man and youve go money, get them shoes!

and at the same time, check out just because i'd like you to!

if i had a man and money, i'd dress him up in dior homme.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

amie, come sit on my wall.

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i miss,


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Sunday, February 04, 2007

its been a crazy, crazy, crazy weekend and now im exhausted to the bone, right down to those of the bacteria thats left on my body. from the miscommunications to the running back and forth for forgotten items, to the late night meetings with the groom, to brother wearing eyeliner, to riding in a convertible with zikry screaming at my back, to zikry actually screaming more than just at my back and me running around like a mad woman as a guest with no qualms abt how glamourous i looked, to watching football and rooting for singapore, and the endless complaints from all the wans. so its back to schoolwork for me now, and no more family time cos i really dont have the energy to juggle both. nek imah's family is not an easy one to handle ok. each person requires a whole load of energy to withstand well, each other. right from the redha's and the rifki's to the mak esah's and pak haris'.

but alhamdulillah its finally over and the newly weds will head off to hawaii this tuesday. HAWAII!!! and while daddy-o packs for korea, i can only just sit, watch, and run my korean lines in my head, with not just a sulk on my face, but a korean sulk :( :( :(

ok pictures once i get them from sofi and jun.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

as most of you know, ive sold my poor soul to NAFA and am now, along with my other sorrowful classmates, in their keep as P.O.Ws (prisoners of war), doing endless odd-jobs of labourious nonsense without being credited for, WHILE still struggling through projects after projects. and we only have 6 more months. seems like all the other pathways are non-existant to the school, so come lah. throw throw. throooow all the bloody work to us. nabei cibai. oh and they still wanna take more money from us. really really. suck shit and die ah.

looking on the sliiightly brighter side. we pretty much had fun washing cars as a class to raise funds for the degree show. oh which by the way, the money earned, will be split between ALL the bloody other courses. and they didn't even lay a finger. ok don't say lay finger lah ah, it didn't even cross theie mind lah. except Andy maybe. anway, thanks for coming even though i know each and everyone one of you didn't want to :)

that's all folks!

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