Tuesday, September 30, 2008

had dinner at the rice table last night.

look at nad go. hurh.

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i feel so much hatred now that the minute i see your name appear on my phone, i wanna throw it out already. im not even gonna mention what i wld love to do to you when i hear your voice, as i might get locked up for it.

fuck you.

oh im sorry, excuse my french. and excuse these useless entries.

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im feeling a little down tonight. perhaps its the lack of hair below (see below)? its that time when you actually start questioning yourself, and somehow cant seem to get a solution to your own conspiracy theory. im no genius in mind and emotional games, but i know a rabbit when i see one. and by some form of magic, rabbits do jump out of hats.

surprise :/

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Monday, September 29, 2008

for those of you who are wondering, brazilian waxing is less torturous than eyebrow threading (with asha).

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WARNING: the following post is high in meat content, so if youre a vegetarian, well this is pretty much what youre missing.

i prob need to lay off meat for awhile. i had so much meat the past weekend, i can feel myself turning into a whole cow myself. but it was all in good name of good food.

first up was friday night's botak jones. it was supposed to be seafood at lagoon, but that didnt happen cos we unfortunately had a case of food poisoning. and because khun rishi ka, has been tempting me with this famous name and the satisfaction you get out of the patties and whoopass fries, i decided to give this damn good food, with damn good price outlet a shot. theyve branched out to a few places around the island, but i went to the most convenient of course, bedok. there was quite a queue by the time we were done ordering (thank god we came a little earlier than the dinner crowd), but our food came relatively fast.

we had the regular botak burger and a whoopass fries to share. the whoopass came in a hugeeeee serving, and as much as it was ohsobloodygood, we cldnt even reach the halfway mark. you could probably order it by itself as a whole meal.

the botak burger looked like any ordinary burger you'd fine, but low and behold, the beef patty, together with a slice of cheddar and whathaveyous veg, tasted pretty damn good together. even though still not the bestest burger ive tasted, at $7.50 (if i remember correctly) per meal, which came with 2 side dishes of your choice, i wld do botak than mc d's any day. on a scale of 10 (being the best), i'd give them a 7. 10 would be chiang mai's D2 lunch burgers. i could eat them every single day.

saturday night was a fiesta with the family and a few amigos. it was quite a mad rush as we had to catch the 7pm break fast. and it didnt help that the sofa people came at the exact same time, so my whole house was filled to the brim with people working. if we had an extra hour, it would prob have been a better success (and if we had chosen proper avocados, we cld prob have made some darn good guacamole too), but it came out good anyway. i was kinda bumped i didnt get to make enchiladas that night, but we had such an overload of food, it was prob a good thing we didnt make them.

sign of approval by the brother. and no, i did not punish the kids and make them sit on the floor in front of the door. there were just too many people and too many things around that they decided to seek refuge there. all because ikea promised to deliver the sofa between 3 - 6pm, but came at 7 instead, while we were all about to break our fasts. ad it wasnt just delivery. they had to fix it there and then too. which also explains the mad rush in the whole house. because there was nowhere else left to sit!

so running along, there was so much food left over (even after they brought some back), that i had to call for a second fiesta. this time with only me and bibik in the kitchen. i must say, it was a smoother process cos firstly it was just 2 of us working, and the rest of my family was still out (cept for my sis, and shes pretty much not a kitchen person), and there were no ikea men. so i managed to do proper beef con carne nachos baked and toasted in the oven, and some extremely extemely yummy enchiladas, which blew even me away. i managed to cook up a jalapeno chicken filling for our taco shells and torillas to add in to the leftover beef from the previous night. still no guacamole :( but everything else tasted soooo good! and im all excited about it because everything was just thrown in without any thought cos i was fasting.

so no more meat for awhile now, even though i know i cant avoid the upcoming hari raya feast. which is just 2 days away. hooray!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

heh. some stupid stuff to tickle you.

2 friends share the same birthday and exchange gifts.

fake friends.

more from winterspringpro.

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im not usually into star signs or horoscopes, but i was getting rather distracted at work and came across this site, so i decided to post this to motivate my day. from a daily reading, to a weekly, and last a monthly.

"Sometimes you can be a little dismissive of other people but today you need to pin your ears back and listen to what someone is saying. Yet again communication is the focus, thanks to the moon, but this time the planets are suggesting that you need to pay attention to what is going on around you!"

the day has yet to end, and im only about halfway through. i havent said much cos im at work and theres not much to say. but i have been listening. my earphones are stuck in my ear with no music on.

"Communications in general could go a little haywire from Wednesday: snippets of information at the start may prove to be unreliable or taken out of context towards the end. It is a good week to question what you hear and to delve beneath the surface: the easiest option is to take things at face value; however, this won’t necessarily be the best option! Your best day this week is Sunday!"

well, TGIS! thank god its sunday.

"Reflection is not your favourite activity as you much prefer to
be active. However, you need to spend some time thinking about
the direction of one relationship in particular. You feel a
little jaded towards the end of the month, it would be a good
idea to give more time to socialising."

i must admit i tend to wander away when it comes to reflecting. and i have given some thought abt some things, and i do feel pretty jaded right about now. but im happy that im meeting my friends tomorrow for a good dinner and wax. hah.

im looking forward to next month.

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it goes without saying that there will be endless sushi, sashimi, soba, and the works (im not complaining), but im also looking forward to catch a taste of these few while in tokyo! i hope not to miss them.

missed these while we were in paris 2 yrs back, and i dont think i'll be heading down europe aaannnytime soon, so tokyo is the next available place for me! nat has sampled and approved, so i cant wait!

just to remind myself what a donut should actually taste like. the ONLY thing singapore is missing. i dont even know why they bother with all the chapalang donut outlets.


so anyway, our mexican fiesta was almost a success last night. if only we had a little more time to finish up everything properly before buka. but we were almost there. as usual, we overcooked, so im gonna have to resort to having a second fiesta tonight with the fammily! im not complaining though. i cld prob make some room for enchiladas tonight :) pictures soon!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kate Spade is opening a few new outlets in the US, and to go along with it, some very cute totes for each city!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

there are a lot of diff sites online where you can submit your works for viewing pleasure or competitions. but theyre usually cramped up with a hundred other artist's works in competitive struggle to be a favourite. i came across wheat toast, and am very attracted to the white space. keep a look out :)

irana douer

donna enticknap

lina scheynius

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

today, i came to a point where i almost wanted to let go.

im not sure what stopped me.


but i guess sometimes you need to let yourself act in excess to regain that sanity and composure. because being humane can be insanely tiring, we need to remember that sometimes, running that energy will win you the race. even if you slip and fall, look around, there will always be someone there to help you. what probably stopped me was the finishing line. and not running through it with you.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

would you work with no days off?

i sure wont. but its a good concept to market your company anyway.


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proudly presents


a collaborative project that takes the work of artists from around the world, in the form of fake road signs, and turns the streets of Lyon, France into an enormous gallery without walls.

The round red and white signs look enough like real European traffic signs that you might take them for granted, but weird enough if you notice them to make you stop and think.

This project has a delightful sense of humor, lots playful absurdity and a wonderful scale.

some of my favourites from singapore's phunk studio, america's cody hudson and of course, one from kozyndan!

for more of PANOS 2013;

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Monday, September 15, 2008

atonement looks like a beautiful show. im quite a fan of kiera knightly, i find her gorgeous. gotta go look for the dvd somewhere. if you have it, let me know :)

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im thinking (or rather making my dad think) of doing something to my room as its about bloody time. i came across these doily drapes by Michaela Scherrer and i absolutely love them :)

i wanna have some printouts of frida kahlo framed. i found this book on amazon, and fell in love with the portraitures of frida. shes got such an interesting face and i cant stop looking at her (esp her uni brow), and the colours, oooh! the colours :)

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saturday was dinner at fig&olive for wei min's london farewell. nothing fantastic about the food that would make me go back, cept that its halal. the garlic bread i ordered on the side was not even worth shooting. it was soggy and i was pretty damn sure the garlic spread came for the supermarket. just like the mint jelly that went with my lamb :) but i must say the lamb was a little better than i expected, even though the staff couldve asked for our doneness, cos i prefer my lamb done med, but it came a med well. in all fairness, it was still more than edible, and the potatoes were well seasoned.

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we had dinner at desa kartika some time last week to bid farewell to my brother who has left us to serve the nation. OH BROTHER, DO THE COUNTRY GOOD! WEAR YOUR BADGE PROUD! GOOD'ON SHERRIF!

he left on tues, and was back home with us on fri. what schenenigans.

the home team.

with momsy and dadsy.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

i just had the most tiring msn convo with nad. i realised we can talk about nothing and everything and just laugh our friggin asses off.

wachayasamalu beb. tak mau gibup. ong mayshea rilek. ong ipore kentz. tak mau gibup.

once a while, random posts like these make me laugh to myself as i keep thinking them over.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

'but i accept you anyway',

'because you dont deserve any less'.

im sorry, november.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

im not a big jason mraz fan, but i got someone singing this song to me, and now im liking it more than much :) :) :)

and, thank you very much!

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i hope sour sally makes it to singapore. but considering singapore's almost non-existant yoghurt consumer group, it'll prob stay put in jakarta for some time :( singaporeans dig unhealthy fried food like old chang kee and donuts. theres so much yellow around i get giddy. and the fact that there is always a queue at every old chang kee or donut (whatever brand) stall, really shows how ignorant we are to our health. ok ok, im no health freak, and i do like my occasional tahu telor and even long john's fries, but i make sure not to overdo the oil intake by taking in more greens so they all come out in the end. i have to admit im a sucker for sugar and cream though :/ which i have to do something about.


thats why they have to bring sour sally to singapore! so i stop binging on my ben and jerry's, and start eating some 100% fat free yoghurt!

and plus! i absolutely adore their website :)

hmm, maybe jakarta in nov really isnt a bad idea after all.

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