Friday, December 05, 2008

tagged by sel. imma do it cos i dont have anything better to do.

just because,
its 1 am and my korean show is loading.


± 152 cm


Tomboy or Girly Girl?
Girly Girl?

Describe your beauty routine?
joyce lim gives me too many creams to type out.

Describe your hair?
long and black with growing bangs that needs to be trimmed badly

Describe your personal style?
simple. with one or two funky accents usually.

Do you...
Like metrosexual boys?

very much.

Like accessories?
cant get enough of them.

Like high heels?
cant get enough of them too!

Like matchy matchy, or mix and match?
a little bit of both. depends on how i feel that day.

Spend a lot of money on beauty products in general?
fair amount.

Shop online for clothes?
too much for my own good :/

Article of clothing in your closet?

for now prob my new grey leggings with silver stars. before this was my deep blue vintage polka dotted long dress.

Makeup line?
chanel. haha no seriously.

Skincare line?
joyce lim.

vera wang's princess is my all time favourite.

Colours to wear?
black. white. grey. and really bold colours.

What stuff...
What is a trend you dislike the most?

for now, hip hop really turns me off. the sound of it, the look of it. bleaurgh.

What is your fashion philosophy?
you can never have enough shoes. (oh and bags. and accessories. and dresses.)

What kind of shoes do you like?
ballet flats, moccasins. theyre so easy to wear.

What is your biggest fashion problem?
not having a walk-in wardrobe.

What old trends do you think should come back?
BIG HAIR. i'd like to see how that'll turn the world upside down.

What one piece are you dying to add to your wardrobe?
surprisingly i have something quite specific. a chiffon salmon pink long puffy sleeve knee length loose dress to match my new oxfords :)

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
depends. on quick days, 15 mins + make up :) slow days, an hour :(

Would you ever go out in public without makeup?

been there done that. not too big a deal.

If you had a fashion budget of 1 million dollars, where would you shop, and why?

im going back to tokyo to shop. gimme gimme gimme!

Is there anything you absolutely CANT wear?
skin hugging lycra cos of my fats.

If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why?
wtf. i wld wear marc jacobs till 40. chanel to my grave.

Tag 5 people to do this too?
the first 5 to read this. GO!

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

i feel like ive gone on a long break. its only been slightly less than 2 weeks, but this space seems a little too unfamiliar for my liking.

im back from Japan, if anyones wondering. it was, different from what i expected. and i came home without achieving what i went there for. i saw some things great, but i knew there were more hiding. if i could describe my experience with one word, it would probably be; incomplete.

well then! looks like there's probably gonna be a round 2 for Japan.

all that matters to me now is my busted bank account. dang :/

i am nadi; :] at 9:16 PM