Saturday, January 10, 2009

ive been thinking about getting a pair of sneakers, running shoes to be exact, just so i have a pair around to wear when i finally decide to go for a run. after getting the boost up from thailand, ive decided to start exercising, just to stay healthy, and of course lose some or a lot of weight preferably. then i realised that i dont actually own a pair of shoes that i could actually run or jog or even brisk walk in. the closest pair of shoes i have to comfortable walking are ballet flats :/ so anyway, moments ago, i came across this, and i think theyre a great motivation for running because track shoes are just so plain fuckin ugly.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ive been to 3 different countries in 6 weeks and am finally back. i cant even start to rant about what a fantastic time i had, so i shall leave that for when i actually have the energy.

also check out Dallas Clayton and his Awesome Book!

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better late than never, happy new year.

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