Wednesday, January 19, 2005

i just realised i havent updated this thing for a whole week already. been pretty busy chilling with the dawgs and trying to do work. and now... ah well... everyone needs some time off :) anyway my servers been a bitch these days.

someones made me appreciate my life more than i already do. im thankful that life aint that screwed up for me. i mean, yah there are complications once in awhile, but they make the turning points in my life be it good or bad.

to the dear friend, life's a struggle. you gotta be strong for yourself, and nobody else. whats passed has passed, so be it. the future is like a blank piece of paper. its up to you to fill it up. dont let love take you over. let it come to you when the time is right. and i do believe, it will come. but the reality is that you cant always get the one you love. needless to say, this is the sad truth.

i think i love you cos i cant get you.

back to work mode now.

-The Flat blue Rabbit Association

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