Monday, January 10, 2005

i really gotta start disciplining myself - and that goes for the rest of u guys too o'l gang; and get my arse working on my fyp. no more chilling at coffee shops for 7 hours, craking our butts off with lame-ass-din-jokes, burning our oesaphagus with pall malls and viceroys, and jamming rishi's phones with uncountable dawgster pictures. i enjoy the company and the time, i do, but whoa. next time we chill, our books are coming with us, and we'll still keep the pall malls rollin.

speakin of coffee shops, miss k, im missing our tea days.

i feel like posting a long entry. not cos ive got a whole bunch of ramblings waiting to pop out of my head and onto the screen, but cos ive got work to do and im finding ways and means to stall time. heh. im staring at my sister's crazed obsession of taufik batisah, yes, the singapore idol. i understand that its most prolly puberty and at this stage she's very likely to fall for any tom-dick-harry-famous-bastard that wanks on stage, but whoa. chill sista. hold on to your screams. no matter how much you scream into the radio, he cant hear you.

i feel like pasta.

ive still got some things cooped up in my head thats waiting desperately to be released. im stubborn. im egoistic. call me a man, but when it comes to matters of the heart, being strong is my weakness. its unhealthy i know, suffering by myself inside, but i cant bring myself to appear affected in front of others. i'd rather brush up on my acting skills. im a loyal follower of 'read between the lines and thou shall be enlightened' , i dont do straightforwardness. or at least not in this case. my strength is my weakness. im just waiting to win, or waiting to lose. i think im closer to the latter.

someone's birthday is coming up. shites.

ok i think ive stalled enough time from the thick sociology book staring at me. im gonna stall more time by tuckin in. hah. i forgot how to study lar.

-The Flat blue Rabbit Association

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