Saturday, February 12, 2005

5 minutes

cash came in today, and within 5 mins, i was left with 1/5 of what i had 5 mins before the 5 mins.
see how fast time flies?

more like see how fast money flies. poof.

with my current shortage of cash, which i doubt will last me even 3 days, looks like i gotta hold back my long awaited shopping spree. okfine. wont be much of a spree, but i wanna get something new for my self dammit. which includes a new phone. heh. maybe i'll beg the mother to sponsor, yes sponsor me, this necessity. this is a necessity right? right.

6 minutes

within 6 mins, i gotta angkat kain baju. before the mother starts screaming that my brother makes a better daughter than i do.

2 mins to finish typing the entry.
2 mins to re-think whether i really should go and do the laundry.
and 2 mins to actually bring myself to do the laundry.

what a mawar.
what a bedah.
what a putih.
what a hitam.

what a kampong. heh.

i am nadi; :] at 5:39 PM



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