Wednesday, February 23, 2005

caught finding neverland. not the best show, but worth the 6.50 i guess. finally got to spend time with the ol'gang. sorry guys. for not always being there.

i think ive got more apologies to come. that seems to be what im doing most these days. cos i cant seem to make anyone understand me. even when ive understood them when they need me too.

i like.
i like green.
i like pencils. and pens.
and paper that compliments it.
i like pretty girls.
but pretty boys. they do so much more.
i like silver phones. with blue buttons.
lines are found in my wardrobe, my drawers, and me.
tea. make it green or with lemon.
mat brader. poxter. bel. i like.
paranoid cousin.
my pentax. i love.
cereal. everymorning.
postcards. they fill my bag.
shieldtox. always by my side.
i like cars. and being in cars.
i like prints. on white.
collars. favourite.
now. tired.


i am nadi; :] at 12:33 AM



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