Sunday, February 20, 2005

i received a msg from a good friend saying that ive changed my priorites. in what way, i dont exactly know. but somehow i feel like there is some truth in it.

its not to any of you guys definitely. be it the ol'gang, the kampongs, or my kc loves. so no saying that i MIA and shit yah. i love you guys all the same.

but its most prob gotta do with my priorities in life. i know that there is this change in me. im pretty much different from what i am about 6 months back. (k, i know u feel it.) and i dont know if its good or bad, but... im definitely awaiting the outcome. its gotta do with family, its gotta do with work, its gotta do with religion, and sometimes, even with friends. and i confuse myself at times, and i admit that i do make it hard for myself to make decisions, be it big or small. im unknowingly dependant on the ppl around me. so i usually take one step back and let someone else lead the way.

i know. i need a reality check. someone slap me.

i am nadi; :] at 1:05 AM



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