Sunday, February 20, 2005

my cursor is moving. but... im not anywhere near my mouse. woe. fun-ness.

yesh i can type nadi. and i am now the king of nadi's computer! taking charge of everything... moouse keeeyyboardd... and bleah~ facsinating yah?

woe woe woe. ok this is fun shit. i didnt type that by the way. no seriously, i didnt.

ok yah. so back to being normal. weathers been a killer these days, and well ppl say that mosquitos usually breed when its wet (and it hardly is), im somehow being attacked by these blood-sucking morons who dont give a rats ass abt the amount of pesticide i use on them. just keep sucking, just keep sucking. i mean give me a break man. bugger off.

i heard the spray sound!!!-herwin

ok yah. so im not the only one havin fun with this technology shit. theres two of us now. hah. yea.

i am nadi; :] at 3:38 AM



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