Monday, June 27, 2005

here's something to ponder upon for those of you in love.

someone spoke to me today. about love. about religion. about faith. its no easy task to sacrifice any of the mentioned (and to most, there's barely a choice to be made) but it has been done in many lives, and it has changed many lives. its the hardest if its between 2 people who has such strong believes in their faith and religion, that its almost impossible for the love part to work. i mean, what do you say to these people? at the end of the day, you make your own decision. you make that change in your life.

i believe in faith. and of course, i believe in religion. and given any circumstance that i would have to give any of those up, i wouldnt. but its easier said than done.

who are we kidding? love is a fantasy. its the most beautiful and the most dreadful thing that could happen in anyones life. but if youre in a fight for love, how much would you sacrifice?

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