Friday, June 24, 2005

yessah. tag brds up and running. actually its been up for quite some time. but it just started running. so go catch it if you can. heh.

ok ok. so lets do this.

lets say your whole worlds crumbling down on you; your partner left you, youre jobless and almost as good as being broke, youve got nowhere to stay, your friends abandoned you waaay back cos you kept makin your problem into theirs ever so often, your children are a bigger pain in the arse than theyve ever been and your only getaway to solace is... yourself.

i know of someone going through almost the same scenario, and boy is she annoying. actually. i think she just got a bit too depressed. which resluted in the annoyance. its sad, yes i admit (and boo to that), but if you cant pick yourself up after so many years, there's noone left to help you (of course that excludes getting help professionally).
so do yourself (and your kids) a favour. snap yourself out of your grave. no point making yourself sound so pathetic each time we meet. or rather each time anyone and you meet. life aint that bad.

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