Sunday, July 03, 2005

so many things i wanna do. so little time. so little money =(

i wanna cook.
i wanna go for naan and cheyken tikka at little india.
i wanna walk through sungai road and find something i'll keep for years.
i wanna chill at starbucks. cos i havent done that in ages. and just talk cock.
i wanna go for breakfast with sel or K. cos i havent done that in ages too.
i wanna go flea market and hope to shop my ass off.
i wanna go for expensive pastries and ice cream.
i wanna buy a book. cos i havent done that in ages too too.
i wanna go to bangkok. cos i havent done that. at all.
i wanna go cambodia. cos ive been wanting to for ages.
i wanna go back to vietnam. cos life was much simpler then.
i wanna sleep ah. cos got nothing to do mah.

mah mah mah.

i am nadi; :] at 6:56 PM



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