Saturday, August 27, 2005

the heroes of yesterday.

goodness. wanted to blog abt this last night but my blogger was giving me shit.
so what happened was, my tai tai of a boss didnt drop by the cafe which meant that we had to head home by ourselves. left the cafe bout 11.30++. i had just enough money to get me home by bus. (which was 2 busses, 90 cents each). i managed to cath the bus that brings me to bedok. well technically i was supposed to alight at tanahmerah but ended up alighting at bedok cos the bus driver kinda stopped halfway (at siglap) when he realised that i was still on the bus when i shouldnt have been cos i only paid 90 cents when i was supposed to pay... well a bit more lah. so he insisted that i paid 1.10 from where i was to bedok. bloody bitch ass of a jones didnt let me top-up from what i already paid. so there goes the rest of the cash i had on me (which was supposed to bring me back on the next bus). so i alighted at bedok stadium hoping and praying that i could still catch the last bus (even though i didnt know how to get on the friggin bus with no friggin money). waited and waited and...waited. no bus came. ive never encountered such things before so at that point in time, i found it ridiculously hilarious. i cant make outgoing calls, so i tried gettting through my bro hoping he was at home (and hoping he could wake my mum up so i cld take a cab) by msging him but that smart arse of a shit was at labrodor park drinking himself mad. i had no choice but to msg din (and hope and pray) that he was awake and willing to send me home. he took awhile to reply (or rather nad wa the one who replied) but thank god he did. they did. they got me home. phew. if not for them, i would still be laughing myself silly at the stupid bust stop, too amazed by the friggin big whole in my pocket.

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