Wednesday, August 03, 2005

i remember,

the rain.
the reckless riders gliding through the traffic.
the wet roads slithering in the dark of the night.
the roadside beef noodles.
the morning tuna (or whatever it was) baguette.
the simmering hot pho bo.
the dirtiest and the freshest and the sweetest fruit juice.
the dongs.
the dollars.
the green walls, and later on,
the maroon walls.
the bamboos.
the urns.
the duckweed.
the late night flashers screaming out their lungs.
the 4 am screams of the 'woman in white'.
the yellow star against the red.
the hammock.
the night i wont forget ;)
the smokes.
the cheap smokes i mean.
the extensive drinking of beer.
the huge portions of seafood.
the cheapest hot pot.
the sleeping bags.
the 'before i sleep reflections'.
the blackouts.
the tiles.
the doors.
the short glasses with the blue and yellow dots.
the babi which was all over.
the prank calls.
the techno in queens.
the parteh in queens.
the burning of hair in queens.
the 'amy got drunk'.
the smoking in the vans.
the soccer by the beach.
the peeping hole in the toilet downstairs.
the hanging of clothes, underwear, and everything else on everything.
the dikir barat.
the weddings.
the coffee. oh yes..
the great coffee.
the work.
the laughs.
the fights.
the company.
the friends.
the new friends.
the memories.
the heart.

the missed.

it was good while it lasted wasnt it.

i am nadi; :] at 9:50 PM



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