Friday, August 05, 2005

in the midst of vm, i find the time to....

1.What Time is it now? 1:43am
2.-skip 2nd question. I don't like.-[sel wrote that. i didnt get to see th question]
3.Single or taken? double.and a cheeseburger.
4.What does your name mean? i cant remember.
5.Who picked out your name? i got to pick my own name.
6.What's your nickname? nadi?
7.How old are you? twenty
8.What colour are your eyes? black
9.Do you have an innie or an outie? eh?
10.What size are your shoes? 5.5 sometimes 6 when my feet grows
12.How tall (or short) are you? u tell me.
13.Honestly what do you like about yourself? my name.
14.What do you always get complimented on? my long legs and small waistline.
15. -I didn't skip vanished-[sel wrote that too]
16.What are the last four digits of your phone Number? 1234. not in order though.
17.Do you think you're cute? no way. i'm a hottie.[sel wrote that. and im agreeing to it for myself]
18.Hair colour? black
19.Do you wear contacts? yeah. sometimes.
20.Living Arrangements? im a mess.
21.Favourite Drink? for now. teh peng.
22.Favourite alcholic Drink? always up for baileys. but i cant take my liquor.
23.Favourite Month? for this year, sept. cos thats when i get my arse outta school. for good.
24.Favourite Food? no taugeh. no bawang.
25.Favourite Board Game? scrabble. definitely. oh pictionary is quite good too actually.
26.Favourite Web Site? youre looking at it. [i know, how lame]
27.Favourite Clothing Brand? i wear anything that suits me.
28.Favourite day of the Year? not today. thats for sure.
29.Favourite colour? for now. biege.
30.favourite Animal? everyone knows i cant answer that. but if i have to, it'll be a bunny in a tank. oh oh oh. does my blue rabbit count?
31.Do you have more girl or boy friends? girlfriends.
32.Who's your bestfriend? my worst nightmare.
33.Are your parents together? last i checked, yep.
34.How often do you get together with the family? hmm. when im free. i try to.
35.Do you tell your parents or your friends more? friends.
36.Anything special about your parents? its a love-hate relationship. but for now, things are good. so.. [yea yea... everythings special abt them...]
38.You're a flirt? depends.
39.You're slutty? haha depends.
40.You Mean? i can be.
41.You like someone? yep.
42.You can keep secrets? i have too many.
43.You dance in front of the mirror? hmm...
44.You've watched a porno? i guess
45.You sing in the shower? i curse my neighbour who sings in the shower cos i can hear him from mine. so no, i dont. i just hum.
46.You liked Britney Spears? who?
47.You've liked a cousin? unfortunately. [sel wrote that. ive got the same answer. unfortunately too.]
48.You've been in the opposite sexes bathroom? yep. not a pretty sight. i prefer the ladies.
49.You've seriously hurt someone? yes.
50.You've been hurt seriously? yes.
51.You swear? its part of the language. yes, i do.
52.You get your way? not always. especially not these days.
53.You're willing to try new things? i guess.
54.You've cheated on a test? i cheated on most tests.
55.You've smoked? not for the last 5 hours.
56.-another redundant question that waste my time...oh i forgot, i'm killing time anyway-[sel wrote that]
57.What are you wearing? red shirt with a yellow star. drawstrings.
58.What colour are your trousers? now? their black.
59.What are you listening to? the taps from the keyboard. the wind from the fan beside me.
60.How are you feeling? emo as always.
61.What are you doing? what does it look like.
62.What are you eating? nothing. i wish i was.
63.How many people are online? eleven
64.How's the weather? not too hot.
65.What's on your mouse pad? a plastic sheet. dont ask.
66.What books are you reading? currently 'Breaking the Rules of Publishing'.
67.How many lip glosses do you have? in use, none. not in use. i gotta start digging. i know i have a few.
68.What perfume do you use? ehhh... st michael's body spray?
69.What's in your purse? a few coins. thats it.
70.Thong or regular panties? depends. panties for now.
71. Tall or short boys? tall. then again. pretty much everyone is tall to me even if theyre not.
72.Blonde or brunette guys? i dont dig blondes. brunette. definitely.
73.Good or bad boy? pass the geeks. me me!
74.Boxers showing? doesnt matter.
75.Long hair or short hair on boys? short enough
76.What do you find annoying in a guy? annoyance is bliss. but for now, annoyance is killing me.
77.What's the first thing you notice about guys? hair.
78.What kind of cologne do you use? body spray body spray! no cologne.
79.What's in your pockets? nothing. oh wait. washed off tissue.
80.Boxers or briefs? boxers. but sometime briefs are cute.
81.Blonde or brunette girls? brunette.
82.Tall or short girls? i hate tall girls.
83.Piercings on girls? theyre ok i guess. but shouldnt overdo it though.
84.Long or short hair on girls? depends on the face. but ive always had a thing for... long brunette. glasses. fooh.
85.Good or bad girl? who me? im pretty good. heh.
86.What do you find annoying in girls? their mouths. that goes for my own too.
87.What's the first thing you notice about girls? hair
88.What was the last movie you saw? pontianak menjerit. scary loh.
89.What did you have for dinner? bee hoon basah.
90.What are you hoping for? right now, a sewing machine. oh. and world peace.
91.Have you ever fallen asleep in school? i just did.
92.What movie do you really want to see? waiting to catch willy wonka at his best.
93.Tell us about those scars? theyre bites.
94.What is your locker combo? cant remember. they gave it to me.
95.Where is your favourite place to travel? loved vietnam. thailand, cambodia... u get the drift.
96.What did you last dream about? dreamt my cousin died last night. you were there.
97. What was the last thing you ate? bee hoon basah lah.
98. If you were a crayon what colour would you be? i wanna be a bunny. a blue bunny.
99.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? dee
100.Do you like the person that sent this to you? its cut and paste. yes, i have no life.
101. -the disappearance of another question.-i'm bored already. [sel wrote that]
102.Ever had a crush on a teacher? hell yeah. a few.
103.Are you too shy to ask someone out? just ask ah.
104.Scary movies or happy ending? i dont watch scary movies. i prefer sad endings.
105. -and it goes again-
106.Relationships or one night stands? none. for now.
107.Chocolate or Vanilla? vanilla. any day.
108.Do you want your friends to write back? its up to them.
109.Who is most likely to respond? no one actuallyy.
110.Who is least likely to respond? everyone.
111.What did you do last night? same thing im doing tonight. hogging the computer. and swearing at it.
112.Anything else you want to add? i hate VM.
113.What time is it now? 2:36 am

not in a very answerable mood.


i am nadi; :] at 1:22 AM



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