Sunday, September 04, 2005


is like a door.

you have people walking. in and out. the old ones. the new ones. the familiar ones. there are those that visit. for coffee. or stay. for the weekend. but those that knock. they usually end up. part of the family. but sometimes. you come across the wrong door. only to find yourself. back to where you were. in the comfort of your own surroundings. your own home. and that is when. you yearn for. a door to knock on. to visit for coffee. or stay for the weekend. or a family to be part of.

ive got a family which im part of. visits for the weekend, and coffee. but. those wrong doors that ive knocked...

i was typing the above when i got struck by a brain freeze. couldnt continue cos i dont exactly know what it was that i wanted to say.i mean i knew, when i started typing it. but as i went along, i kinda forgot, if i was making any sense in the first place. now i just... have nothing to say.


sel : coffee next week or something? i need updates about 9-6.
sidewalk : tongseng lah. wahlau.
perks : u bruised me. i swear there's a red singarpoorah on my arm. and i can see you waving from bedok.
win : youre the sweetest lah. thank you.
emah (if youre reading this that is...) : sigh. i miss you k.

i am nadi; :] at 1:15 AM



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