Monday, October 03, 2005

ok, i realised i havent actually said much abt my trip to thailand.

so here goes.

ten days. 4 in phangan, 5 in bangkok. ok maybe 4 in bangkok. i can safely say that 2 days were spent wholely on travelling from one place to another. tiring, but it was quite an experience. from bus to van to van to van to ferry to taxi, name it, we've been on it. saved the plane for last though ;)

so yea, feelings aside, it was a pretty good trip. had loads of fun. parteh all the way. and i reaaally mean alllll the way. lost some money (yah, some. hah. try 370 friggin sing dollars.), but thank god for western union (now, all hail western union). ended up not shopping much.

bangkok. wasnt really what i expected. maybe cos i was expecting something, and well, didnt really get much out of it. so yah. whatever to bkk oh kaye.

phangan. ok. definitely a must-go of ravers. the people. the party. the beach. the drinks. everything, was woe. u'll survive even going by yourself. but if ang mohs dont really appeal to you, then, give it a pass. cos theyre everywhere. you know how pple tend to be overfriendly in a foregin country, well its the same for this, but in a good way though. as much as ang mohs dont appeal to me, i appreciated their company much.

so yep. pictures will be up once i get them uploaded. heh :\

on a different note, it was an emotional trip. so for those expecting full details on the trip, i really dont have much to say. it was a good trip though. one which memories would be kept somewhere hidden deep inside me, and with space for only me to ponder back upon. so just wait for the pictures lah.

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