Wednesday, December 28, 2005

tonight, i feel.

tonight, i feel.

breathe in.

youre oblivious. i hate it.
feels like you hate me for being me.

im swallowing it in again.

watch your heart.

i am nadi; :] at 10:11 PM



i am nadi; :] at 9:18 PM


and i thought maybe you would spare a thought about me.

but i guess i thought wrong. its not my call now.

i am nadi; :] at 8:15 PM


funny bloggers.

its not just what they blog about, but rather their weak command of language that tickles me funny. reeaaal funneh.

but somehow, i get to sleep with a smile on my face, knowing that such funny people still exist.
and i thank them, for entertaining me, on this merry night.

thank you funny people. i hope you get a life soon too =)

i am nadi; :] at 12:53 AM


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

did this from kell's blog.

and i am a GREEN.

You're green, the color of growth and vigor. Good-hearted and giving, you have a knack for finding and bringing out the best in people. Green is the most down-to-earth color in the spectrum — reliable and trustworthy. People know they can count on you to be around in times of need, since your concern for people is genuine and sincere. You take pride in being a good friend. For you, success is measured in terms of personal achievement and growth, not by status or position. Rare as emeralds, greens are wonderful, natural people. It truly is your color!

i am nadi; :] at 12:35 AM


Saturday, December 24, 2005

for everything that happens for a reason, there's also that one thing that did not happen for a reason.

some things are better left unsaid.

i am nadi; :] at 2:09 PM


Thursday, December 22, 2005

ooo. again.

#. o1 ]] tha' last person you talk to* my niece
#. o2 ]] tha' last person to message you* hah. no one msgs me.
#. o3 ]] tha' last person that you said bye to* herwin merwin jerwin kerwin.
#. o4 ]] tha' last person you hugged*herwin.
#. o5 ]] tha' place you went to just now* turquoise =(
#. o6 ]] tha' thing you're doing now* this lah
#. o7 ]] tha' phrase people use to describe you* i dunno. u tell me lah.
#. o8 ]] tha' first impression on meeting you is*hahaha ask my best friend.
#. o9 ]] tha' thing that's on your mind now* why sel wants my address.
#. 1o ]] tha' person who's on your mind now* my rabbit.
#. 11 ]] tha' dream you dreamt last night* i was trying to recall earlier, but nothing came to my mind. cannot remember lah.
#. 12]] tha' person your'e missing right now* asri. haha.
#. 13 ]] tha' person whom you wanna meet now* rivy. so i'll get my pay.
#. 14 ]] tha' part of your body you wanna pierceis* oh the flap of skin/bone/whatever at the ear there lah.

#. o1 ]] hot or cold drinks* depends
#. o2 ]] tha' sun or tha' rain* rain
#. o3 ]] chocolate or strawberry* strawberry. i dont eat chocolate.
#. o4 ]] mp3 or discman* mp3 lah.
#. o5 ]] handphone or computer* both lah.
#. o6 ]] many friends or one best friend* one best friend. a few good friends. thats all i have anyway. and i like it that way.
#. o7 ]] nugget or fries* both
#. o8 ]] stay in bugis, pasir ris or bukit panjang* loyang

#. o1 ]] whats your full name* nadia mohamed amin
#. o2 ]] what stream are you in* singapore river.
#. o3 ]] what are the nicknames you're given* nadi
#. o4 ]] how many piercings do you have now* ears. nose.
#. o5 ]] what kinda hairstyle are you having* i dont know. hm.
#. o6 ]]greatest seniors of dunman sec ?* wtf?

#. o1 ]] spaghetti or steak* spaghetti.
#. o2 ]] coke or lemon tea* tea.
#. o3 ]] chocolate chips or mint ice cream* mint. again, i dont do chocolates.
#. o4 ]] favourite place to dine at* simpang. tong seng. favourite siah.

#. o1 ]] do you curse and swear* thats all i know.
#. o2 ]] do you spit anywhere you want* ew. no.
#. o3 ]] do you play pranks on people* nah. not really.
#. o4 ]] opinion of tha' person you copied thisfrom* vickitoria. i think she's abt as lifeless as i am.

i am nadi; :] at 12:36 AM


i love doing crappy questionaires like this.

1 MINUTE AGO: pressed ctr+v
1 HOUR AGO: sitting at a bus stop with 2 of my most favourite people.
1 DAY AGO: going crazy with the whole family
1 YEAR AGO: eh....

I LOVE: presents =)
I HATE: taugeh and onions. ok onions not as bad as taugehs.
I FEAR: not having a life. im almost there by the way.
I FEEL: hungry.
I HIDE: my ciggerettes. heh.
I DRIVE: i prefer to be driven.
I MISS: last time.
I LEARNT: that the best years in life is when youre in school =(
I WANT: to bathe after this.
I NEED: to do something to my life.
I THINK: im putting on weight.

First piercing: eh... 3 or 4 i think.
First credit card: not yet. YET.
First enemy: i dont make enemies.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: my mum. but she;s not very good at it though.

Last car ride: perk's daddy. bout an hour ago.
Last kiss: from my best friend.
Last movie seen: haha 40 year old virgin. do dvd's count?
Last food consumed: ben and jerry's homemade vanilla.
Last phone call: daddy. where you. pick me up.
Last CD played: ooo... err.. the oc. it was on cd-r.
Last drink drank: iced water with sugar syrup and lemon.
Last time scolded: just now. for talking too much. and then for not talking. i dont understand these pple.

I AM: hungry lah.
I WISH: for world peace.
I WONDER: what i would be like dead.
ALWAYS: smoking.
I DANCE: myself silly.
I SING: pretty badly.
I CRY: by myself most of the time.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: a bitch.
I WRITE: and i draw.
I WIN: u win.
I LOSE: money all the time.
I CONFUSE: myself.
I SHOULD: pay my bills really soon.

NUMBER: eh none.
COLOR(S): for now its white.
DAYS: holidays
MONTH: ooo july!
SONG(S): emo ones.
SEASON: this is singapore.
DRINK: teh peng.

CRIED? - nope
HELPED? - yep
GOTTEN SICK? - yep. from eating too much.
TALKED TO AN EX?: - nope
MISSED AN EX?: - nope. dont usually miss the exes.

i am nadi; :] at 12:06 AM


Friday, December 16, 2005

i almost died in labour today.

i couldve sworn a child almost came wailing out. in fact, i could hear tiny bits of its cry. boy was i in pain. for an hour or so, i crouched in the little corner of my dad's backseat as he drove us lost in some ulu area of singapore, serangoon.

ooouh.. suffering. period.

i am nadi; :] at 1:12 AM


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

and im staying home today.

i am nadi; :] at 4:10 PM


Monday, December 12, 2005

why do questions, need answers?

i am nadi; :] at 11:47 PM


Friday, December 09, 2005

craving for a good read. i should head the library someday.

sigh sigh sigh.

counting down the days to the wedding. its in exactly ten. its not mine, in case youre wondering.


my body refuses to function the way it should. ok, i know im abt as good as lifeless and that doesnt mean that i have the right to wake up at 3 in the afternoon everyday, but i miss being able to sleep in. not that i dont get to, but for the love of god, i end up rising at ten almost everyday. and its really tiring. esp for someone with nothing to do the whole day.

i am nadi; :] at 1:23 AM


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

eyes. heavy. sleep.

but kan. cannot sleep.

i am nadi; :] at 1:28 AM


Sunday, December 04, 2005

im staring at a pack of marlboros. just staring.



ok seriously, i intended to write abt something (anything), but im so effing bored (heh. no fuckin kiddin) that nothings coming to my goddamned head.

ok theyre playing italian job on cable in bout 2 hours (2 fuckin hours more!!!), so thats something to look forward to.

i was just thinking back, i think aerosmith got me started on girls real young. watched the mtv for crazy like, welly yeah, years back (most prolly when i was ten or so), and i remember liv tyler in those hot silver pants and me oogling innocently at her arse as she swayed it back and forth while pumping petrol. if i were too watch it again now (which i have of course) i'm pretty darn sure that i wont oogle at her arse as much as i did then (cos now ive widen my scope of temptations and oogle-fuckin-lation), but if there's one thing that still gets me, it'll be those lips. theyre so bloody wierd you just wanna get a chance to bite and suck at them.


that was sofuckinrandom. its sad that im wide awake.

i am nadi; :] at 1:32 AM



i have absolutely no reason to miss you, but i do.

i am nadi; :] at 1:02 AM


Saturday, December 03, 2005

hoegarden. the rain. soft lights. someone you hardly know, but was of good company.


nights like this, are... light and easy.

its simple. no thoughts eh.

i am nadi; :] at 2:49 AM


Friday, December 02, 2005

some people are sooo anak metro oh kaye.

*runs around and faints*

haiyo. call police lah.

i am nadi; :] at 12:13 AM


Thursday, December 01, 2005

dear nadi,

dear me.

i am nadi; :] at 1:40 PM