Tuesday, February 07, 2006

tonight was all good :)

left my camera at home as i was too lazy to move my butt to get it charged, so ended up snapping away with perks' and sel's. perkie, yours ended up a tad too dark lah. and im too lazy to get them pictures photoshopped. and sel, im still waiting.

with good service, come good customers :) like us.

i lost my phone. think i dropped it in the cab or something, but i have this strange feeling its lurking somewhere behind some dark corner of my house. cos its been 2 days, and its still ringing. it really doesnt help that my phones always on, mode: vibration.

TOMORROW IS MY FIRST DAY OFF AFTER A CRAZY 2 WEEKS OF NON-STOP TURQUOISE ACTION. i tell you, 2 weeks straight on full, gets me ubber melodramatic. no joke ohkaye. can u imagine my anxiety for my one day of freedom and joy tomorrow??? (oh yah and its back to work on wed :/ ) the feeling, is priceless. charge it.

i am nadi; :] at 1:30 AM



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