Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hellooo, mr big ;)

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Looky looky! a little cheery today, so here's some from breakfast yesterday. will post some from sel's dinner if i get get the photos :/

anyway, tomorrow we're washing cars cos we're poor and have no money to pay for our degree show. so you good persons out there might wanna come by NAFA (if youre ard the area) to get your car washed for $5! parking is free for the first 50 outsiders.

even though i think this is all bullshit, what the hell lah. kena do already, play with water lor (FYI, the school wanted us to pay for the water bill. full of shit right?).

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*credit: kozyndan

take your pick person. which friend do you wanna be?

i wish i had the energy to talk about today. but the endless drawing, thinking, schooling, and 'calls & emails from andy' is terribly draining me out. terribly terribly.

i dont know if its just the weather or the lack of rest and sleep, but i feel shit to the bone every bloody night. brr. if anyone throws anymore work at me, i might just collapse and go into retardation. and not the funny kind of retardation. go figure.


happy bday sellie :)

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Monday, January 29, 2007

just some random stuff ive been trying out for a series of postcards im doing. havent been doing such illustrations much, but definitely worth the time.

theyre from guilliver's various voyages.

the first 2 of 6. still long way from done.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

look at that face. all ready to serve the nation :)

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bye babe :(


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Monday, January 22, 2007

after much work, many pounds, lotsa cheese, and hot tea, we called it a day.

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hello good fellas,

a few days late, but see how hard they rocked and how i almost got moshed to my death.

and on a much, much, much, lighter note, check out how adorable she is.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

oh and i forgot to mention. daddy-o, has gone bald.

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hello good people,

muse was good. i wouldn't say fantastically good, but it was satisfying. considering i got squashed half the time within the mosh (as anticipated), and lost my slippers while at it (no idea why i wore slippers), i would say they rocked it pretty damn hard. Matthew Bellamy looked so fuckin sexy on the piano, and i went home barefooted. ok no, i found ONE side of my slippers. the other side was someone elses, which i found in replacement of my own. saw the usual people i usually see, and yea, i guess i had a pretty good standing spot amongst the whole world thats taller than me.

pictures up in a bit!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

ive given up trying to clean my room cos no matter how much i try to sort my rubbish out, i always end up with a bigger heap of 'treasures', that i refuse, refuse, to throw away. sigh. why is it so hard to part with rubbish.

ok, so whats good on a cold rainy sunday afternoon after much attempt of cleaning up? a nice hot cup of harrod's raspberry ginseng herbal infusions (no need sugar. no need milk. drink like that. super shiok), with a good chic flick.

im not sure if you can get this from the harrods stall at the basement of taka, but if you cant, well you could always pop by knightsbridge to get some :) its worth the buy.

this is hp quality. no micro function. so excuse the shake, shake shake to the boot.

ive got a choice between crossroads (watched it once), a walk to remember (watched it countless times), and bring it on, again (ive yet to watch it).

lets all come out of the closet and tell the world how much we love chic flicks on rainy sundays.

ok, i cant do this to myself. im gonna go watch something cooler. like an indonesian movie or something.


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my babes leaving to serve the nation in 12 days and im gonna miss his nonsense. who gonna piss me off every other day now :( ok ok, even though he's just a ferry ride away, and changi is as close as you can get to tekong (which actually means were gonna be neighbours!), and national service isnt the end of the world, but seeing him having to do this (selling his soul to the country), i cant help but feel a tinch of sadness. just a tinch.

ok bluff.

i very sad lah :(

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so while i was busy stuffing sandwiches down my throat for a month in uk, somewhere in the streets of raffles, they opened pret a manger. pret a manger, means ready to eat in french. a popular sandwich chain found on every corner of the streets in uk (i saw more pret than mc d's!), im guessing singapore is starting to encourage grab-and-go. i had their sandwiches once or twice back in uk and they were relatively good considering that they priced from about 1-3 pounds, which is pretty much the standard pricing for a sandwich. since im expecting GAP to close its doors in abt 2 years and never step onto the shores of singapore with their over-priced giordano tops, im half hoping that pret would stay a little longer.

ok, i might be just saying this cos im having my midnight sanwich cravings.


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Saturday, January 13, 2007

this is a little overdued. this was dinner at clarke quay. wouldn't say it was fantastic, but while passing it, the aroma just got us all carnivorous, and we just had to try it for ourselves.

ok, so think thick slab of meat on hot plate. no spices no sauces, so that brought out the original taste of the meat, in other words, it was bland as hell. i had lamb chops which came with a side garden salad with balsamic dressing. serving was alright, how wrong can u go with some greens and balsamic right? so if youre looking for good food, go somewhere else. its good for a fun night out with friends who looove meat, but on a scale of ten, i'd give them a 5 1/2.

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nat bought us some gum, and we went wild. ive been chewing gum so much that my jaws hurt. well, im trying to loose the double chin, so maybe its a good thing lah.

alvin sucks at blowing bubbles ;p

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

okay babe,
save this somewhere
babe, i will promise you that i will sing "all my only dreams by the wonders" on your wedding day.

its going on my blog.

try not to break this one, i got proof hor ;)

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

im having trouble writing.

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its forgettable, but the momentary feeling you get at the ending makes you feel, well, normal. like normally in love, normally loved. like, amie. nothing unusual, nothing strange.

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just for kicks, cos i love my favourites! ;p

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i was busy on work mode when a classmate came up to me on msn and sent me this;

In another unrelated event, it's said that too much korean and japanese drama serials can lead to compulsive viewing disorders. This study was conducted intensively by MA&H health groups. Studies have shown that viewvers were known to suffer from severe linguistic problems and drastic loss of sleep. If you are watching above 8 hrs of korean or japanese drama, you are advise to call 659755****.This is a free call-line. These consultants provide the medical and psychological help that drama addicts so need.

haha. i laughed my ass out for the first time this year.

oh, have i missed it yet? happy new year kids :)

i am nadi; :] at 11:56 PM