Sunday, January 14, 2007

ive given up trying to clean my room cos no matter how much i try to sort my rubbish out, i always end up with a bigger heap of 'treasures', that i refuse, refuse, to throw away. sigh. why is it so hard to part with rubbish.

ok, so whats good on a cold rainy sunday afternoon after much attempt of cleaning up? a nice hot cup of harrod's raspberry ginseng herbal infusions (no need sugar. no need milk. drink like that. super shiok), with a good chic flick.

im not sure if you can get this from the harrods stall at the basement of taka, but if you cant, well you could always pop by knightsbridge to get some :) its worth the buy.

this is hp quality. no micro function. so excuse the shake, shake shake to the boot.

ive got a choice between crossroads (watched it once), a walk to remember (watched it countless times), and bring it on, again (ive yet to watch it).

lets all come out of the closet and tell the world how much we love chic flicks on rainy sundays.

ok, i cant do this to myself. im gonna go watch something cooler. like an indonesian movie or something.


i am nadi; :] at 3:10 PM



at 11:16 PM Blogger Nadiah Sulaiman said...

<3 Rindu.

at 11:24 PM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

banget :(


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