Sunday, February 18, 2007

currently my favourite muscle man :)

finally met babe after 3 bloody long weeks, and ok. malay say, lepaskan rindu. not in any emotional way, mind you. what we have is, (how do i put this) its surface (surface?). i'll miss him, but when i do meet him, there's nothing else to do, but argue. which actually 'lepaseskan the rindu' lah. cos you know la (rolls eyes), i really miss being screamed at in the face wat(rolls eyes again). well surprisingly, we were a bit more civilised than usual.

ok whatevs.

so we practically got the whole of orchard road to ourselves, apart from the few matreps and minahreps around snapping photos with a wall in the background like its the coolest thing to do, and the few chinky chonks who've decided to have their reunion dinner at spinelli's. orchard road should stay that way. ive got more room to breathe without the pug jellys and the kikilalas. and lets exclude the matreps and k boyz too while were at it.

ok lah. bye. happy new year chinky chonks :)

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