Saturday, February 10, 2007

i am currently very sore about being home on a saturday night and nobody's making me feel any better. maybe because karma has worked its way after i jeered at the losers who stayed home on friday night. so heads up friday night losers, im officially a saturday night loser. which i think is far worse that being a friday night loser.

worst part is i cant sleep through it cos i slept through most of my evening and the earlier part of the night, so im as fresh as jucie in a carton. i.e., believed to be fresh, but all wilted and machine processed in the inside. which in this case comes from all the drooling in front of the computer.

ok so.

so what can i say, irregardless of whether or not im of any existance in the lives of my already limited number of friends, it wouldve been nice if one of them could well either, ditch her only brother's wedding, or ditch her only brother's wedding. practically speaking, it actually quite possible to do so, just that it wouldnt be ethically correct, but who's talking about being ethically correct anymore. its two double oh seven. the year of the unethically correct. so screw ethics and lets all hail ang kongs and budak taiks for a change why not?

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