Sunday, February 25, 2007

ok this cant go on.

i have to stop the lazy bullshit. oh, and the partying.

ive been enjoying myself way, waaay too much the past month for someone whos in the midst of her final project in the LAST FEW WEEKS OF SCHOOL. and its really time to put a stop to it, at least till i graduate. i made a pact with myself when i came back from uk to NOT partahye till april, but of course that didn't work. gave in to temptations one time too many, and from there it went downhill all the way. so last night was a great ending to my late nights. zouk was moderatley filled, not too empty, and not too crowded with ample dancing space. phuture was bollocks with no space to even wiggle. i realised i dont often club with sleng, in fact im actually certain yesterday was the first. ok lah. give chance to her. she leaving mah. so go club ah. alvin's on a roll for late nights these days so he was there together with us. bumped in to charm and friend, who ended up being great company too. and of course, not forgetting, my lovely best friend, who was i dunno where half the time. supper at bedok macs (dont ask why) with alvin and sleng, all still mildy intoxicated.

this was all i managed to get from last night.

i am nadi; :] at 2:34 PM



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