Friday, February 23, 2007

well no comments on today's crit. just more work to be done. that aside, managed to take 2 hours away from work to watch Le Grande Voyage. ok, not managed, i deliberately gave myself the time :) and it was a fantastic show which left me stifled in a journey of great moral significance, and the importance of one's faith and beliefs in religion. for muslims a must-watch as it puts across the purity and dedication of ones heart, and the respect and meaning of one's pilgrimage in Islam.

im not too sure if a non-muslim would be affected the same way, but its a great show nonetheless.

stills from the show below.

i am nadi; :] at 3:07 AM



at 12:55 PM Blogger angela said...

Waaahhwww he's hott...


happy cny!!

at 12:48 PM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

he looks a little bit like orlando bloom dont you think? its the hair.

happy new year to you too!


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