Monday, April 30, 2007

finally got my sty removed.

the pain, was excruciating.

anyway, whatevs. heres one eyed jack(y) at the eye ctr waiting patiently by herself for mummah to come get her, and later on at home with parrot perched on ze shol-dah.

so long pirates.

consider yourself lucky for being able to see mr rabbit. i dont usually advertise him.

i am nadi; :] at 11:06 PM



at 1:04 AM Blogger hello wello said...

hey, i think i met blue rabbit once..
u looked like u're in pain :(

take care yar!

at 3:43 AM Anonymous lala said...

and ure going to work in this state tomoro nadi?

get well soon yah.

at 3:44 AM Anonymous lala said...

but when i look at it again, the 2nd pic. muka mcm nak kena sepak. haha.

ok.see u tomoro!

at 12:51 PM Blogger Khairudin Lee said...

What the hell happened?

at 8:13 PM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

aku gaduh ah dgn seseorang tu. kena tumbuk.

at 10:07 PM Anonymous SoFiFIFIFIFIFI said...

great. to think tt i come to ur place twice a week and i dun even bout it!!! ok. at least u dun have to feel the pain anymore. blardy pimple. is tt it? i dun even know laaaa

at 1:02 AM Anonymous sel said...

get well soon! and get more rest ok!

at 4:13 AM Blogger Nadiah Sulaiman said...

satu satu dah jadi cacat. bagus. next is khairudin. (rishi dah memang cacat)

at 12:17 AM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

sofi: it was a one day thing lah. and its a STY not a PIMPLE! not even one day actually. like a few hours. sadly, its still there after all the pain :(

sel: no work, no pay. no pap, no play ;)

nad: geng apa.


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