Wednesday, April 11, 2007

quick one.

i am currently, a GRADUATE.
i have gone from unemployed, to employed (with an income not to be proud of :/) yet. i hope.
i think i might go blind one of these days.
life has gone back to how it was before.
i see familiar faces that ive missed the past few months or so.
new faces too :)
i am dying for a holiday but am currently not able to afford one.

ok i think thats it.

my apologies to those who read this space to catch up on my life. been too occupied with post-graduation activites and late night dates with my love. i have no drive to update and post pictures cos i would rather watch korean shows and burn holes in my pocket. theres lots to update, but at this point, i shan't make promises on whether or not i would ever come around posting them pictures. i'll check back on comments once in awhile. will still be somewhere around lah ah.

so take care you'all. i'll be back, when i feel i like it :)

i am nadi; :] at 11:51 PM



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