Thursday, April 19, 2007

too sweet :)

(mac does not allow me to use italics while posting entries, so quoting wld have to be in roman).

"and my dear,

i'm so proud of you for making to where you are today
though work may be tough but you're building up
you're preparing yourself for a better future
thus the first few steps ain't the easiest
though i weren't there to be amazed by your works
i saw how you climb up, how you fought for it
continue and stay healthy and be happy alright
(even the most emotional times, can be happy too.
cause it makes you feel so real. doesn't it? i miss you".

i just HAD to post that :) been awhile since someone said something that meaningful to me, and it ends my day quite well now, considering ive had a rough day at work today and am shagged to the bone.

its making me miss you an awful lot :(

i am nadi; :] at 12:34 AM



at 5:35 AM Blogger Nadiah Sulaiman said...

yang sakit tak boleh walk like normal tak miss. sudalah. kata members. *sulks one pathetic mat corner.

at 8:47 AM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

haha its not win tau.

yang ini boleh miss punya.

members on crutches bo pian mah. nak glamour tanak duduk kat starbucks!


at 5:44 PM Blogger Nadiah Sulaiman said...



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