Wednesday, June 27, 2007

its been raining on and off since last night and i am staarveeng :/

and stuck in the hotel room.

ive got 1:25:53 (time) left on my wireless card and its only 7.30pm here. which means i will most prob have to get out of my trekkies, wear a bra, go down, and get myself more mins/hours on the card. which also means, i'll most prolly have to scoot about in the rain finding myself dinner, cos i just might as well, since im gonna have to change anyway.

wah, this really sucks. i can hear the electric zeg zeg zeg coming from both the adapter and the wall socket(s), like as though its about to blow up any moment. and ive got 2 handphones, a camera, and my laptop to charge. and no, they do not have those long adapters.

how ah, what do i do now. im fuckin hungry but i really dont feel like getting myself wet and dirty. im not sure if room service is an option.

i am nadi; :] at 8:17 PM



at 6:03 PM Blogger Khairudin Lee said...

We'll have dinner at Simpang soon, everyone of us. Stay positive!


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