Sunday, June 17, 2007

sawasdee kah,

ive finally figured out why the thais tend to give me this look, and sometimes maybe a second stare. and no, its not because im too fat, or too ugly, or too small, or too weird looking for their eyes, or because i look like a poor lost kid wandering around by herself (all these were options i gave myself). i was passing by one of the stalls at the night bazzar when the lady said out loud, 'ohh! i remember you! you come yesterday to see then you walk!'. i was quite amazed by her excitement and her memory considering i only walked pass for a mere second to look at her stuff and there were millions of other people around me who are better worth remembering.

anyway, then she continued saying 'i remember you sepek-tikal (spectacles) and you nose (then she pointed at the position on her nose where my nose stud was)! you come again and see?'

there you go people.

so i get second stares and looks because im short-sighted and have a nose stud :) kah, i feel a little better that its none of the above-mentioned.

ok, its sunday and the majority of chiang mai is closed. helpppppp.

i am nadi; :] at 10:13 AM



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