Sunday, September 23, 2007

in the end i really did meet up with chups and danny in bkk, and it was a blast! cos we ate like mad, and we shopped like mad.

so i took a flight first thing saturday morning, and helloo bee kay kay!

after many trips up and down chiang mai (i practically live here, as u must have already noticed), i really wouldnt consider chiang mai's international airport anywhere near our changi's first class airport in the whole of asia, and maybe even the world. just a few stalls of the usual dunkin, dairy queen, pharmacy, yada yada and only a tiny DFS and a black canyon (coffe joint) in transit. but who wldve thought i'd be at a loss of choices in domestic transit! they even had a thai airways restaurant (which i of course patronised in the end), which i went to for breakfast.

so the omelete i ordered didn't come right, they served it with pork in my face so i sent it back, which was a good thing anyway considering i dont fancy eggs that very much. but the croissants, oooo the croissants, came piping hot from the oven, close to perfection. by far, one of the best ive tasted.

so we met a while after ive landed and headed to chatuchak for lunch. the chicken, was the shit. as danny would say. and i would agree without a doubt. dessert was the oh-famous thai coconut ice cream with sticky rice and peanuts. and for a bit of extra weight, you can opt for extra condensed milk or coconut milk. which i would definitely recommend.

no pictures of shopping cos its such a chore to shop and snap pictures. and im sure most of you already know what chatuchak is like anyway.

bkk traffic is a bitch. and did you know that the royal family only drives that pale-ish yellow coloured car? well, i didnt.

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