Friday, November 23, 2007

ive been so caught up with work lately, but i managed to find some time to do a little drawing for amie.

anyhoo, who'd think that i'd be one of the 'talked about' people in my apartment. we just encountered an electricity glitch so i went downstairs to check it out. and whaddya know, a few of my neighrbours were there talking to one of the fnb people from shang. so when i popped up, 'ahhhh! we were just talking about you!'. so yada yada, small talk. no, im not bragging, im just saying that you know, maybe living here isn't a bad idea after all.

oh well.

i went grocery shopping and bought myself some ravioli stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and peppers, and this was dinner. saw a selection of dips which i wanted to try, but managed to resist my greed by getting myself only one; char-grilled eggplant, to go with my tortilla sheets.

so that was good. and now its back to work.

in the meantime, its Loy Krathong in Thailand, and there are flying lights in the sky! you'll need to view the images in full to actually see the flying red lights. i'll be heading down to the river with some guys i know for the festival tomorrow, so there'll be more pictures then.

i hear fireworks but i cant seem to see them. there were some yesterday night too, but because they kinda appeared randomly in no particular time, i couldnt get any pictures of them. and no, im not about to wait my ass in the balcony with a camera for one to appear.

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