Thursday, November 01, 2007

im leaving chiang mai day after tom. FINALLY!!!! and there's no stopping me this time! but then there's still bangkok. ok whatever, im just happy to get out of chiang mai. even though it hasnt exactly been thaaaat bad the past 2 days, since ive had company. b's coming didn't happen in the end, but instead, i had to play tour guide to natasha, which thankfully wasnt a bad thing. at least i had someone to eat with the past 2 days :/ thats how depressing it gets. for the period that im here, which is usually about 2 weeks, i eat, sleep, talk, walk, shop and do everything else by my stupid self. im starting to get sooo bloody sick of eating with me its not even funny. and bloody hbo keeps on showing scary shows lah.

i am nadi; :] at 12:38 AM



at 11:50 AM Blogger hello wello said...

come back! come back!
cant wait to meet up with u & sel!!

at 11:21 PM Anonymous sel said...

yea i know exactly how you feel...eating alone especially...or infront of the computer screen.


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