Tuesday, April 15, 2008

shit shot. i wanna post pictures but im too lazy.

i am nadi; :] at 5:54 PM



at 10:27 PM Blogger Nadiah Sulaiman said...

LAZY MOFO! Can walk to the lift lobby, go down a few storeys and walk to the sliding door to smoke with me outside Tanglin Mall, cannot upload pictures ah!??!

at 12:14 PM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

wah. si bey sian ah.

at 4:34 PM Blogger Rishi said...

what a bunch of smokers lor.
tsk tsk

at 11:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

post pics post pics post pics!!
i wanna see,

btw, i miss u!!


at 3:49 PM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

oh kelly,

i miss you too :(

at 6:11 AM Anonymous KLS said...

Update pls!

My journal is up and running again. Drop by and support! haha


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