Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ive got a terrible, terrrriible weakness for ice cream, and my recent scoop of green tea with red bean ice cream has just motivated me to go get my own ice cream maker.


was so good, that i actually kept craving for it for days. i think i'll finally give in and go for another round today. after which, i shall go scout around for an ice cream maker, so i can churn all the ice cream i want when i get back :)

and its really not that difficult to make!

i was conveniently opp a khao soi stall in hangdong which ive never tried before, and my driver said that it was one of the more popular ones in the area, so i decided to give it a shot. and from past experiences, all the other khao sois ive tried were bleah. the pak choy was way too salty. and i prefer mine cut into smaller pieces cos the taste usually overpowers the rich curry flavour of the gravy. nothing beats khao soi from wat faham.

this wasn't bad, but it sure didnt give me a reason to come back.

on a separate note, chiang mai's been so generous with food these days that i think im gonna stop eating for awhile when i get back :/

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at 3:21 PM Anonymous KLS said...

Living the life eh!


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