Saturday, May 31, 2008

my baby brother just told me he misses me and that he's sleeping in my bed. i know that he sleeps in my bed whenever im away, only because its more comfortable than the mattress he gets in my parents room. but the fact that he said it out that way makes me wanna go home even more :(

and then he goes on and on about his new ironman game (and some new video on his blog which i totally dont get) and i get bored all over again. nevertheless, i love him so so so very much, because he's my teeny weeny, precious little tiny tot.

ok ok, maybe he's not very teeny weeny, and really not much of a tot, but he's the youngest, and i love him to bits. don't get me wrong, i love the other 2 just as much, but theyre just not as cute :)

i am nadi; :] at 12:39 AM



at 3:40 AM Anonymous KLS said...


at 11:05 AM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

haha, i must admit i am.

at 2:30 PM Anonymous Shannon said...

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at 1:07 PM Blogger Rishi said...

Nadi, your fav song lyrics!!

Song in Hangul:

곰 세마리가
한 집에 있어
아빠 곰, 엄마 곰, 애기 곰,
아빠 곰은 둥둥해
엄마 곰은 날씬해
애기 곰은 너무귀여워
으쓱, 으쓱 잘한다


Gom se-mari-ga
Han ji-be isseo
Appa gom, omma gom, ae-gi gom
Appa go-meun tung tung hae
Omma go-meun nal-shin-hae
Ae-gi go-meun neo-moo ki-yeo-wo
Eu-sseuk, eu-sseuk, jal-han-da

at 6:11 AM Anonymous sofi said...

awwwwwwwwww. sayang moment there for that already-very-grown-up brother of yours. haha.


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