Friday, June 27, 2008

so many things i wanna do. so little time. so little money =(

i wanna cook. something really healthy for a change.
i wanna go for 2 hour massages that drift me to sleep.
i wanna walk through sungei road and find something i'll keep for years.
i wanna chill till late one night. and talk cock. without having to think about work tomorrow.
i wanna go for breakfast with sel or K. cos i havent done that in ages.
i wanna go flea market and hope to shop my ass off. cos im so sick of bkk.
i wanna go for expensive pastries and ice cream. and not feel guilty after.
i wanna buy a book. or maybe go to the library. cos i havent done that in ages too.
i wanna go to cambodia. cos ive been wanting to for ages.
i wanna quit my job. but then i wont have any money.
i wanna go back to how it was back in school. but school now will leave me in debt for 30 grand. plus plus.
i wanna sleep now. cos tired already mah.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

i was just browsing through some old files and i came across some old videos i took on my phone during my degree days. not much going on cept a typical day in the studio; those doing work, those eating, those talking nonsense, sleeping, taking a break, panicking... schools usually lots of fun, no matter where it is.

and i decided to put this up to anyway. easy on the heart.

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came for me in the mail today! what a nice surprise! all the way from the big apple! ok, even though the sender (risi) is back in chiang mai now, and he already told me that i should be receiving mail, which pretty much makes it an anticipated surprise, its still a nice surprise anyways :)

i burst out laughing the moment i saw it. love it mr ho. you are favourite friend too. thats why u must come. come eat glin tea ice klim with me oh!

so the day started out great, with present from new york and waking up early and all. then ms F, for fuck you, fuck you till you die, just had to ruin the rest of my day. and then thanks again to mummehhh... mummeh mummehhhh... for bringing me lingerie shopping till i die at robinsons, and making me feel ok all over again.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

some of the most luxurious hotels are in the name of Aman (, and they've got a recent addition in India, one of my favourites!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

sedih kan?

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i cant decide if i should get the iphone or the new samsung omnia. everyone wants the iphone (and will prob get it) and that irritates me.

comparison maybe a little later. now i really want the omnia!


i came across this site;

so maybe, if i were to get an iphone, i would have it customised like this.

but only available in the us lah :/

bummer sia.

i am nadi; :] at 10:43 AM