Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the weather has been crazy with heavy rainfall and sudden sunshine. its damn hard to decide what to wear to work every morning cos you dont really wanna end up sweating while walking to work, or freezing, or whichever that unfortunately happens. anyway
we had udon at liang court for dinner. and truth be said, that was probably one of the best ones ive had, even though it was a bit pricey, at $9 per bowl.

i had the ebi tempura udon. the only bad point was that the tempura was served in the bowl itself, which ended up soggy halfway through the meal. but nonetheless, the udon itself had the perfect chewy texture, and broth was tasty enough to slurp.

nad and tini had the vegetable tempura and beef respectively. i think im gonna go back for the beef.

headed to the supermarket nearby where tini bought some snacks for us to much on. everyone knows how good the goldfish crackers are, so im not gonna mention them. but oh! you so have to try the potato sticks. these were suttle, but really really addictive. not sure if you can find them at the local ntuc, but they should be available at any japanese supermarket.

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