Tuesday, September 09, 2008

i hope sour sally makes it to singapore. but considering singapore's almost non-existant yoghurt consumer group, it'll prob stay put in jakarta for some time :( singaporeans dig unhealthy fried food like old chang kee and donuts. theres so much yellow around i get giddy. and the fact that there is always a queue at every old chang kee or donut (whatever brand) stall, really shows how ignorant we are to our health. ok ok, im no health freak, and i do like my occasional tahu telor and even long john's fries, but i make sure not to overdo the oil intake by taking in more greens so they all come out in the end. i have to admit im a sucker for sugar and cream though :/ which i have to do something about.


thats why they have to bring sour sally to singapore! so i stop binging on my ben and jerry's, and start eating some 100% fat free yoghurt!

and plus! i absolutely adore their website :)

hmm, maybe jakarta in nov really isnt a bad idea after all.

i am nadi; :] at 2:04 PM



at 2:45 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've never had sour sally before but i'm liking the website already. well you're not the only one who digs cream and sugar... me too. especially nowadays, i have to eat most cakes with full cream.

and old chang kee is way beyond oily, it's like eating fries from long john X100. not kidding.


at 1:42 AM Anonymous JZ said...

not sure sour sally will ever reach singapore's shore but at least the website is made in singapore. :)


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