Sunday, September 07, 2008

i was in the mood for some cleaning early saturday morning, so i decided to give my wardrobe a little change and reorganize the mess that its already in. it started out pretty good, i took every single piece of clothing out to make sure i know each and every piece that goes back inside, and also to make sure nothing gets left behind. but hey, everyone knows that was the easy part. i got really really bored halfway through the chore, so i gave up and left everything lying on the bed, floor, chair, basically anywhere i can find a spot. just like how im getting bored halfway typing this entry. and as you can see this is pretty much not getting anywhere, and i dont really have a point, cept that i ran out of hangers halfway through, and that i realised my skirts have always been folded and not hung. and, my skirts deserve to be hung! even though they probably have to be squeezed in between my dresses and jackets and i might never be able to find them. so anyway today is sunday and my wardrobes been reorganized mostly by bibik, and this was pretty much what i left it at before i got bored :/

i didnt even get a chance to go through my bags and accessories. oh! and undergarments too! maybe next week.

i am nadi; :] at 12:17 PM



at 10:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

leave the accessories last because from recent experiences, that should be the last and you should start from undergarments... i fold all the clothes that i rarely wear and arrange them according to colours...i hope the arrangement last. =) cya soon OK!-sel

at 11:54 AM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

my undergarments fill up two drawers!! haha but its not as bad as the wardrobe cos you can still hide the mess.

i feel like throwing out all my accessories and getting fresh new ones!


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