Sunday, September 28, 2008

im not usually into star signs or horoscopes, but i was getting rather distracted at work and came across this site, so i decided to post this to motivate my day. from a daily reading, to a weekly, and last a monthly.

"Sometimes you can be a little dismissive of other people but today you need to pin your ears back and listen to what someone is saying. Yet again communication is the focus, thanks to the moon, but this time the planets are suggesting that you need to pay attention to what is going on around you!"

the day has yet to end, and im only about halfway through. i havent said much cos im at work and theres not much to say. but i have been listening. my earphones are stuck in my ear with no music on.

"Communications in general could go a little haywire from Wednesday: snippets of information at the start may prove to be unreliable or taken out of context towards the end. It is a good week to question what you hear and to delve beneath the surface: the easiest option is to take things at face value; however, this won’t necessarily be the best option! Your best day this week is Sunday!"

well, TGIS! thank god its sunday.

"Reflection is not your favourite activity as you much prefer to
be active. However, you need to spend some time thinking about
the direction of one relationship in particular. You feel a
little jaded towards the end of the month, it would be a good
idea to give more time to socialising."

i must admit i tend to wander away when it comes to reflecting. and i have given some thought abt some things, and i do feel pretty jaded right about now. but im happy that im meeting my friends tomorrow for a good dinner and wax. hah.

im looking forward to next month.

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