Monday, September 01, 2008

ive been craving marmalade's sticky date pudding for weeeeeks, and have been making plans to go, but somehow, it never happens. either it became out of the way from where we were, or something urgent comes up for work, or somebody buys you sticky date from somewhere else (which does not count as the same thing) or somebody gets too full to eat. and now, ive got a whole month (plus plus) to pass cos its ramadhan. and as much as i would love to have the whole pudding by myself (which i really dont mind), its always more fun to share it with someone. i think psychologically, because you know you only get half instead of the whole thing, it tastes better. it tastes better knowing that you can only get half. because when you order the second plate (cos one is always not enough), it always doesnt taste as good.

so anyway, khun rishi made some sticky toffee pudding over the weekend, and here he is demonstrating to me on how to serve it over skype. served warm with toffee sauce and some dead good custard! personally, i prefer mine served really hot with the bestest vanilla bean ice cream you can find, and of course, toffee sauce. one advise though, dont count your calories!

so yum!

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