Monday, September 29, 2008

WARNING: the following post is high in meat content, so if youre a vegetarian, well this is pretty much what youre missing.

i prob need to lay off meat for awhile. i had so much meat the past weekend, i can feel myself turning into a whole cow myself. but it was all in good name of good food.

first up was friday night's botak jones. it was supposed to be seafood at lagoon, but that didnt happen cos we unfortunately had a case of food poisoning. and because khun rishi ka, has been tempting me with this famous name and the satisfaction you get out of the patties and whoopass fries, i decided to give this damn good food, with damn good price outlet a shot. theyve branched out to a few places around the island, but i went to the most convenient of course, bedok. there was quite a queue by the time we were done ordering (thank god we came a little earlier than the dinner crowd), but our food came relatively fast.

we had the regular botak burger and a whoopass fries to share. the whoopass came in a hugeeeee serving, and as much as it was ohsobloodygood, we cldnt even reach the halfway mark. you could probably order it by itself as a whole meal.

the botak burger looked like any ordinary burger you'd fine, but low and behold, the beef patty, together with a slice of cheddar and whathaveyous veg, tasted pretty damn good together. even though still not the bestest burger ive tasted, at $7.50 (if i remember correctly) per meal, which came with 2 side dishes of your choice, i wld do botak than mc d's any day. on a scale of 10 (being the best), i'd give them a 7. 10 would be chiang mai's D2 lunch burgers. i could eat them every single day.

saturday night was a fiesta with the family and a few amigos. it was quite a mad rush as we had to catch the 7pm break fast. and it didnt help that the sofa people came at the exact same time, so my whole house was filled to the brim with people working. if we had an extra hour, it would prob have been a better success (and if we had chosen proper avocados, we cld prob have made some darn good guacamole too), but it came out good anyway. i was kinda bumped i didnt get to make enchiladas that night, but we had such an overload of food, it was prob a good thing we didnt make them.

sign of approval by the brother. and no, i did not punish the kids and make them sit on the floor in front of the door. there were just too many people and too many things around that they decided to seek refuge there. all because ikea promised to deliver the sofa between 3 - 6pm, but came at 7 instead, while we were all about to break our fasts. ad it wasnt just delivery. they had to fix it there and then too. which also explains the mad rush in the whole house. because there was nowhere else left to sit!

so running along, there was so much food left over (even after they brought some back), that i had to call for a second fiesta. this time with only me and bibik in the kitchen. i must say, it was a smoother process cos firstly it was just 2 of us working, and the rest of my family was still out (cept for my sis, and shes pretty much not a kitchen person), and there were no ikea men. so i managed to do proper beef con carne nachos baked and toasted in the oven, and some extremely extemely yummy enchiladas, which blew even me away. i managed to cook up a jalapeno chicken filling for our taco shells and torillas to add in to the leftover beef from the previous night. still no guacamole :( but everything else tasted soooo good! and im all excited about it because everything was just thrown in without any thought cos i was fasting.

so no more meat for awhile now, even though i know i cant avoid the upcoming hari raya feast. which is just 2 days away. hooray!

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at 4:47 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

i heard so much about botak jones! i'm glad u blogged about it! and the food looks yummy!!! -sel

at 5:50 PM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

oh yes its worth a try! but better go with a guy, or someone who can eat a lot for the whoopass fries. im sure theres one around your area :)

at 12:53 PM Anonymous sofi said...

i should have stayed for moreeeeeeee!!! :(


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