Monday, September 01, 2008

we went for a buffet lunch at yantra (tanglin mall) yesterday. at SGD38 nett per pax, the food was good (def above average), and service was waaay better than i expected. despite having the buffet, we were still tended too regularly (enough, but not too much). they had quite a wide variety in the buffet spread, but unfortunately for me, there were still a few things on the menu which i had wanted to try. all in all, the food was close to excellent; naan came a little too crispy for my liking (but some might actually prefer it this way), side dishes were tasty and complimented both the naan and rice very well. oh oh oh , and their marsala tea (in a pot) was also worth trying. we ordered vegetable soup, but that was just alright. in fact, i thought it tasted a bit like cup noodles. eek. and all these with no additional charge! i think i will give their ala carte a try the next time :)

why babe look so glum :(

selamat berbuka!

i am nadi; :] at 5:01 PM



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