Sunday, October 19, 2008

the aroras came across iberry deep in the sois of nimmanhaemin, and have concluded that this is where the cool, the hip, and the foreign (meaning white; meaning ang moh; meaning expat's kids) chiang mai ppl hang. so i decided i had to see this place for myself during my short trip down. pity it was dark and i didn't get to take photos of the whole facade, but trust me, if you were a local, you'd want to hang here too. with laid back and vintage furniture and quirky furnishing details, theres always something for your eyes to chance upon and go 'ooo.. oooo ... ooooooooooooo.....ooooo....oooooo...oooooo....oo.o.o.o....oooooo'. with tao ming tze greeting you and huge huge HUGE sculpture or a dog like thing up front, and a sadako well out back, the whole landed area seems to tell a surreal story of its own. staff are all decent looking but thai lazy, which really doesnt come as a surprise anymore for me, but the whole atmosphere and the good food (mostly dessert) made up for it. we shared a slice of horlicks cake, creme brulee, tiramisu, and a scoop of strawberry kiwi sorbet. everything was good good good, and at THB70 (SGD 3) per person, the whole experience made it even more worth our while. my pictures dont do much justice, but you'll get the gist of it. i did manage to snap a picture of the really cute chandelier they had hanging made of paper cups which i absolutely loved :)

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