Saturday, October 18, 2008

been sick on and off the past 2 weeks and its making me damn irritated with my body and my taste buds.

i think sq girls are so bloody pretentious. they dont even try to be real. its all in the face. i hardly fly on sq simply because its more expensive. but this trip i decided to fly back with rishi (who was accumulating points), and went on sq to and fro. and both flights left me with a bad experience. apart from their unenthusiastic service, their food sucks (maam would you like fish with rice or chicken with potatoes? i mean seriously dont they ever serve anything else????!!! maybe its just my luck lah) and their safety video is sooo outdated that i think it goes way back to the 80s. im too tired now to complain about what and what. but next time, fly thai if youre not in a rush. bangkok transit really isn't that bad if you have the time. food is good, service is real (or at least they seem real and not forced), and everything else is so much more visually appealing.

ok goodnight.

i am nadi; :] at 1:40 AM



at 2:21 AM Blogger Budi Izkandar said...

ah sq girls. you're a great way to fly. BAHZ.

at 9:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

when all my friends were raving about flying with sq to perth, i thought i'm missing out.

i feel better now. -sel

at 1:51 AM Blogger i am nadi; :] said...

dont worry! not missing out on anything ok. meet soon yah.


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