Friday, October 24, 2008

i finally decided and got a chance to get out of the mall for lunch, so i met nat and had our long awaited shimbashi soba at paragon. after reading up on all the reviews, we pretty much knew what we were getting ourselves into; some very good soba.

so nat had the seiro tempura while i had the lunch set, which included sides of salmon sashimi, soft shell crab, teriyaki chicken, and a slice of watermelon. both of us had our soba chilled, which is probably the best way to have your soba. we got a little tip from their placemats on the art of eating soba, so nat did a little demonstration when the food arrived.

educational placemats heh :/

nat's seiro temupra

getting started,

here we go,

first to take in the aroma of the buckwheat,

a taste of a string of noodle to appreciate the actual buckwheat taste from the soba

pour the dipping sauce into the choko

have a taste of the sauce

add in your preferred amount of spring onions and wasabi (optional)

pick up a mouthful size of noodles

dip dip dip


and slurp as loud as you can :)

this was my set meal

and as usual, we always make space for dessert :) green tea with red bean, cream anmitsu.

ok im going off work now, talk more!

i am nadi; :] at 4:31 PM



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