Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ive been looking around at decor and stuff for my room, so that im ready and prepared to propose to my dad, with exactly what i want, and most importantly, how much.

so many things to do, so little space! i dont know how im gonna partition my room so that i can have a walk-in wardrobe, a comfortable workspace, and a lounge area. as it is, i have lots of rubbish which ive kept over the years which could be used for decorating. ive also got prints and art that i intend to frame. i have so many ideas on what i want to do to my walls that i dont think i'll be able to do. but i definitely want a bedhead like the one in the moodboard. and i definitely want a wall of frames. im quite decided on my colour scheme, so now i just have to work around furniture, knick-knacks, rugs, mirrors and possibly screens.

modern acrylic framing

drapes that i have to have to die die hunt down.

i quite like this whole feel, but lets be realistic. i have to many things. i like the flooring and walls, and mirror and rug, and lamp, so maybe that could stay.

stuff on wall.

mirror at partition. or that could be an actual hole looking through the walk-in.

i want this sofa set!

orrrrrr..... i could switch rooms with the parents and split the master into two rooms to get a better view. then i get a bigger toilet too! but a much smaller room though.

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