Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the new macbook is out. im not crazy about the design truthfully, but i still watched the video feeling a sense of "whoa... whoa.. whoa.." anyway, that was probably their intention. with not so much emphasize on aesthetics, steve jobs has decided to give apple users an eye opener to the environment. buying mac products has always been about aesthetics first, usability later. or at least thats how it started for me. now usability wise, i wlill never switch to a pc. so anyway, theyve decided to go in a new direction emphasizing much much much more on the construction of the new macbook (they even showed in the video how theyre being made in the factory) than its aesthetic value. the black keyboard was a total letdown for me, and i have a love-hate relationship with LED screens, because yes, visuals are much better, but try sitting where theres sunlight and see if it glares right back at you. i quite like the mouse pad track, but will prob have to judge that when i do get a chance to try it in real life. i guess this is apple's test on its consumers; engineering versus design. which are you?

watch the video at (duh) here.

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